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Gernot Loquai Gernot Loquai

Gernot Loquai was born in 1954. He grew up in his fatherís workshop who made musical instruments. Being surrounded by beautiful materials of high value and fine tools, and an atmosphere of calm, concentrated, and creative work had an enormous influence on him, and he is actually practising the same way of working in his first profession as a musical instrument maker as well as in his second as a knifemaker and a bowmaker.

As so many boys who are lucky enough to grow up outside the cities he was fond of archery, but bowmaking is a late passion of Gernot Loquai: it is only for a few years that he works intensively on this field. His way of coping with new or unknown technologies is to first study intensively, to copy and to test, then it leads him to understand the new matter. His ambition to improve techniques and products is well supported by his profound knowledge about materials and his manual skills.

In his professional career Gernot Loquai has developped a sense of good design on both fields: the artistic and the functional, which is derived from working with high quality materials and expensive instruments.