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The Bows And Their Construction

Because of his competence and capacities, Gernot Loquai is capable of designing and building bows which are in some aspects quite different when compared with standard constructions. When he developped his bows he started with a new idea, and then the new bows had to undergo many long-term tests. The actual shape was partly a result of a cooperation with some friends of his who are also well-known bowmakers. This shape meets the requirements of the longbow-class, but has definitely some properties of fast recurve bows.

The tasks of modern bowmaking are for Gernot Loquai: a smooth draw with only little progression; fast limbs; a minimized hand shock at the release; and still enough power to allow a flat ballistic curve of the arrow. These partly contradicting properties can be found in Loquai’s bows because shape, material, and manufacturing techniques unite in a special balance. Some of the important features are:
  • a reasonable draw weight
  • a soft recurve (no string contact with the limbs)
  • rigid, slightly protruding handles, made from exotic hardwood
  • limb section with enough width to make the bow more forgiving
  • good balance between handle and limb length
  • selected high quality materials
  • high precision manufacturing process with special machines constructed by the maker himself
The result of all these processes and properties are very appealing bows, made from the finest materials available, properly and competently handcrafted, and featuring the performance any keen archer is looking for. Eventually, it should be valued that this is found in a bow completely handmade from mostly natural materials.

Depending on style and draw length Loquai offers two standard bow sizes: 150 to 155 cm for „normal“ heighth, 160 – 165 cm for archers with long arms. In addition, short versions for use as hunting bows can be ordered without substantial loss in performance and character. Anyhow, Gernot Loquai is prepared to build individual bows on demand of his customers. Draw weight, overall length and a wide variety of materials are available. An individual handle fit is self-evident. Any desired draw weight is matched by a careful choice of specially ground glass fiber layers and the correct width of the limbs. Tillering is one of the last steps in the construction right before surface treatment.

All bows may be used with fast flight-strings.

As material for the limbs G. Loquai uses woods like fernambouk, yew, bamboo, osage orange, masaranduba, zebrano and maple. In addition, modern materials like GORDON glass (transparent and black) and carbon fiber are used. The handle sections‘ beauty and ergonomics is obtained by careful work with palm wood, fernambouk, violet wood, Santos palisander, makassar ebony, olive wood and others.

Loquai’s handmade arrows are of course tapered, have custom-made turkey feathers, and are tastefully decorated if the customer desires so. The quivers from strong, tanned leather are perfect for use and a pleasure to look at. Even the girdle material is specially selected and adapted for a perfect fit. The inside of the quivers is special, too: the arrows are bedded in cosy lamb skin for a safe and quiet transport.

In case you want to try such a bow, make an appointment with the maker and meet him in his workshop in Rüsselsheim-Königstädten; the stand is right beside his house.