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Gernot Loquai Gernot Loquai

Gernot Loquai was born in 1954. He grew up in his father's workshop, surrounded by beautiful materials of high value and fine tools, and in an atmosphere of calm, concentrated, and creative work. This experience has influenced him, and he is actually practising the same way of working in his first profession as musical instrument maker (like his father) as well as in his second profession as a knifemaker and a bowmaker.

Already as a boy he liked to produce things with his own hands he (or his friends) needed. He soon found out that his manual skills were not limited to just one material; he could handle metals as well as wood, horn, or leather. This led him to build a number of knives for himself or the people around him.

The trigger for him to start knifemaking as a serious hobby was his wish to possess a really very good knife. This he found after a long search in Darmstadt: in an arms shop he bought a beautiful, but rather unpretentious Kressler-knife at DM 830.--; an enormous sum in those times! He was very proud to show this piece to his friend who did share his excitement. "This is something you could make by yourself", was his comment, and he proposed a visit at Wolf Borger, one of the first knifemaker's supply shops. He purchased some material which was then the basis for a training in making the first few "advanced" knives. His awakened enthusiasm together with his good skills led him to own knife designs which showed ever-growing precision and quality.