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Here you can gather information on Gernot Loquai as a bowmaker.

Some comments on Loquai's bows by various bow experts:

Alfred Weidmann, Tournament Archer: "The excellent bows by Gernot Loquai compare on a national and international level.
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  Peter Plaumann, Tournament Archer: The grip is great and very handy.
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Klaus Kuhlig, Tournament Archer: The bow is very easy to handle. Furthermore I liked about this bow:
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  Rolf Kehl, Tournament Archer: The bow sports a very harmonic design which is optimally adjusted to the hand in the grip area.
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Jörg Marossek, Archer: I had the opportunity to extensively test a take down bow. I used it for several days with different arrow types and on different distances (18, 20, 23, 25 up to 50m). This is the result:
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